Top bizarre drinks in Malaysia that you should try (Part 1)


You have seen all weird food, particular meals in different articles pictures, etc. in your lifetime. There is plenty of that in Malaysia that you should try once.

With Malaysia being a Muslim country, alcohol is not available at most of the hawker centers. However, you will not be disappointed by the eye-catching names and colors of the unique local Malaysian drinks.

So let’s cheer and prepare to quench your thirst with these 10 unusual Malaysian drinks to experience like a local.

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The Tarik (Malaysian Pulled Tea)

Malaysia is a multicultural country with wonderful culinary traditions of Malay, Chinese and Indians. Malay food reflects the multi-ethnic makeup of its population.

Teh Tarik or Malaysian Pulled Tea is a drink that is significant because it is consumed universally and also unites all three cultures. It is said to be the national drink of Malaysia.

At coffee shops (Kopitiam) or mamak food stalls across Malaysia, black tea, sugar, and condensed milk are combined and poured through the air between two cups until a rich frothy top is created.

The tea brings together Chinese tea leaves with the Indian style of making chai. What makes this drink so unique is the way it’s prepared. There is a showmanship and tradition that accompanies the preparation process.

As the tea is poured from one jug to another, the distance between the jugs becomes wider and wider, creating an illusion that the long stream of tea is being “pulled” in mid-air. This creates a unique frothy top which unites the flavors and makes the tea smooth. It is foamy, creamy, sweet with a little kick.

Teh tarik is more than just a cup of tea mixed with condensed milk; it is one of the most revered Malaysian drinks in the culture, so much so, that it has birthed an entirely new sport devoted to tea pulling.

The Tarik (via

Barley Juice

The first time we saw “Barley” on a juice menu at a local coffee shop, we were both surprised and intrigued. We would never have thought of having barley as a juice and that made us immediately curious to try it.

Served with lots of ice, barley juice is a clear liquid, which is slightly thick with added sugar and lime for taste. The juice comes with whole barley pearls mixed in, which are soft, thick and sweetened from the sugar. The juice is delicious, a little syrupy and quite light and refreshing.

Barley juice quickly became one of our favorite Malaysian drinks. It is widely available at hawker stalls, food courts, coffee shops and more. Barley can also be served hot, though we preferred it cold with lots of ice. You can also find barley tea as well as barley and lime juice combinations.

Barley is an ancient grain with many health benefits. Drinking barley water on a regular basis can help promote weight loss, lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels and more.

Air Bandung Juice

Air Bandung juice (via

Air Bandung is a famous and popular drink in Malaysia. It is made of evaporated milk or condensed milk with rose-flavored syrup giving it a very distinctive bright pink color.

The juice actually tastes much better than it looks. The color reminds me of a bad pink lemonade filled with chemicals. However, Air Bandung doesn’t taste as chemically and the rose flavor is very agreeable with the sweetness of the condensed milk.

You will find Air Bandung at many Malay Hawker Center and is hard to miss. It is also available in Singapore and Brunei as well.

Even if the sight of this drink doesn’t entice you, it is worth a try.


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