Top bizarre drinks in Malaysia that you should try (Part 2)


In Malaysia, the drinks culture is part of the everyday culture. At first, you may be surprised that you have to buy a drink to sit down and eat at a local hawker. Once you warm up to the idea, you will find that each drink is a sip into the fascinating Malay culture.

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Nutmeg Juice

When we think of nutmeg, we usually think of the spice and the festive holiday season. Nutmeg juice is another intriguing Malaysian drinks we discovered.

The juice is light and fruity and tastes nothing like the spice. It is served with ice and very refreshing. Nutmeg trees were cultivated in Penang in the late 18th century by the British, as a way of expanding the spice trade business.

In Penang, nutmeg juice is available everywhere. From coffee shops to hawker center and food stalls, you are never far from a refreshing glass of nutmeg juice. It is a strange and delightful juice, that you should certainly not miss on your travels to Penang.

Water Chestnut Juice

Water chestnut drink is one of the most refreshing Malaysian drinks we came across. It is made from raw Chinese water chestnut, which is considered a vegetable. This vegetable has a brown skin on the outside and a white watery crunchy filling on the inside.

Water Chestnut is a very popular ingredient in Chinese cuisine. It is known to be very healthy with its low fat, high potassium content, and gluten-free properties.

The drink has a light brown color, slightly sweet and very refreshing. In Malaysia, you will easily find it at predominantly Chinese hawker centers. It is a perfect light and refreshing drink for the hot Malaysian weather. This one of the most surprising and delightful Malaysian drinks on the list.

Longan Juice (via butterkicap)

Longan Juice

After our first stop in South East Asia in the Philippines, Longan quickly became one of our favorite fruits and one of the highlights of our trip.

We loved how easily accessible this fruit was with vendors on the streets selling it everywhere. The fruit is inexpensive and easy to peel and eat on the go or snack on before a meal. Most importantly, longan fruits are refreshing, sweet and tasty!

Before we got to Malaysia, we had no idea that Longan could be drunk as a juice! That’s when we discovered it at one of the many hawker centers in Penang. We also discovered that Longan juice is available either as black longan juice or white longan juice.

Black longan juice is made from the dried longan fruit which are dark brown to almost black in color.  On the other hand, the white longan juice comes from the white and juicy flesh of the fruit.

We tasted them both and found the black longan juice to have more intense in flavors and a less refreshing than the white longan juice.

We both preferred the white longan juice, but you should try them both side by side and make up your own opinion.


Lychee juice (via

Lychee is a tropical fruit that reminds me of Christmas. As a young child growing up in Paris,  my mom would buy lychee for Christmas. It would be our treat holiday fruit to have around the Christmas season.

Lychee is originally from China and can be found across Southeast Asia. Lychee and longan are from the same family and have a similar shape. We found longan fruit to be much more commonly available than lychee.

While we are familiar with Lychee, when we first saw it on a Malaysian drinks menu, we jumped on the opportunity to try it. When our drinks arrived, we were surprised to see how clear the drink was, almost like water.

Lychee juice is very refreshing and light. It is an easy drink to quench your thirst on a hot Malaysian day. One nice addition to this juice is having the fruits added to the drink. The fruits float to the bottom and you can end your meal by tasting the fruit itself.

If there is a juice you haven’t tried yet while in Malaysia go for the Lychee juice for a refreshing break.


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