Top bizarre drinks in Malaysia that you should try (Part 3)


The Malaysian drinks like the Malaysian meals are uniquely creative. The drinks are made using the abundance of the Southeast Asian exotic fruits, ingredients, and vegetables. The drinks are not artificially sweetened and they have many health benefits. Allow yourselves tempted by the unusual names and juices. Malaysian drinks will have you drink Malaysia!

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Ambra & Sour Plum Juice

Ambra is a tropical food is commonly found in Southeast Asia. It goes by many names in the region. In Penang, it is known as Ambra or Buah Kedondong among Malays. The fruit is oval shape about the size of a lemon. It is green in color and hard to the touch.

In Malaysia, the fruit is cut up into pieces and used as an ingredient in rojak, a distinctive mixed fruits salad, which is very famous in Penang.

The juice that is extracted from the Ambra fruit is used by locals for treating throat and cough infections. We tried the Ambra juice mixed with sour plum juice at a local food stall and found it very tasty.

With a citrus flavor, the juice is very easy to drink. It is not too sweet, and when mixed it with ice, it is very refreshing.

Ambra & Sour Plum Juice (via cantuslupus)

Air Mata Kucing Juice

Every meal in Malaysia is an opportunity to try a new local fruit juice. With every sip, you find yourself opening up to new flavors and tastes.

Air mata kucing was another delightful discovery we made. While having dinner at Chulia Hawker Center in Penang, Rosemary was intrigued by juice at a local stand called Air Mata Kucing. Not knowing what it was, though judging from the crowds, she took the opportunity to try this unique juice.

Air mata kucing is an iced fruit juice made from winter melon (tong kua), monk fruit (lo han kor), dried longan (long ngang), and sugar. The juice is not sweet, but very refreshing and thirst quenching.

Later on, when researching about this drink, we learned that Mata Kucing is a close relative of the longan fruit. The fruit is said to have many health benefits. From providing vitamins minerals such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and more, it is also used traditionally to treat diabetes, cancer, insomnia and more.

The best part about the juice is that it is very tasty. When you come across this drink in Penang, be sure to try it and enjoy all the health benefits.

Air Mata Kucing aka dried longan (via

Dragon Fruit & Lemon Juice

We love dragon fruits and were surprised the first time we saw it on a drinks menu at a local food stand. Without hesitation, we ordered it and were eager to compare the flavors of the juice versus the fruits.

When the drink arrived, we were startled by its bright pink color and dense texture. When combined with the lemon juice the taste is divine. Like many other Malaysian drinks, it is not sweet and you can taste the natural fruits not masked behind any artificial flavoring.

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